VW Splitscreen Campervan Wedding Hire


Matilda has now retired – she has gone to make someone else’s dreams come true!


A 1959,  15-window Deluxe Split-Screen Camper-Van.  Grace has spent most of her days sunbathing in Philadelphia, America before coming over to (not-so sunny) England to begin a new life, meeting all the lovely brides and grooms in and around Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield and Doncaster. Philadelphia was the birth-place of Grace Kelly, so what better name to give to our new beauty?!

Identical to Matilda but with a couple of extra windows and more importantly, extra seating, Grace can transport more people in comfort. Her restoration was completed in April this year and she has already begun her working life.  She has had lots of compliments and we are looking forward to many years of weddings ahead with her!

It’s never too early to book your VW Splitscreen Campervan!

During the Summer months, we were contacted by some last minute brides-to-be, who had seen our beautiful Splitscreen and wanted to hire it for their wedding this Summer. Unfortunately, we already had bookings and so there were some disappointed brides and grooms and weddings lacking a Splitscreen!

Already, during the last fortnight, we have had three disappointed brides and grooms to be, who wanted to book for next year on dates where both Matilda and Johnny are already otherwise engaged!

The moral of the story is... contact us to book Matilda and Johnny... TODAY!!!!

Introducing… Johnny!

Introducing... Johnny, our new Campervan, for hire. The van is now fully restored and ready for work!  Originally from Utah, the van is named after Keanu Reeves’ character in the film, ‘Point Break’, where he plays Johnny Utah. The van is a 1966 13-window Deluxe model and has undergone a complete restoration.

Painted in the same colours and matching in condition and standard as Matilda, the only difference between the two vans is the interior.  The new addition to Something Old, Something New Splitscreen Camper Hire can carry seven passengers, so is ideal to transport brides, bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen or even your extended wedding party in style.

By adding our second van the options are opened up for you. You can now hire either van, or have both vans together; a truly unique photographic opportunity! We are really excited to be able to offer a pair of matching Splitscreen vans, as we feel this is quite an exclusive service for brides and grooms in Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire.

All dressed up for Red Nose Day 2013!

VW Campervan Red Nose DayThis year for Comic Relief, we dressed our VW Splitscreen Campervan, Matilda, in red ribbons and of course, the iconic red noses! We sent the photographs to Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, who were giving £1 to Comic Relief for every picture that was entered. They have been in touch with us here at Something Old, Something New, to say they think the photos are 'fantastic' and have asked our permission to post them on their website.  Of course, we said 'yes'! We will provide a link once the post is on the website....watch this space!

Matilda visits the Grand St Leger

VW Splitscreen Campervan at DoncasterWe have recently been taking Matilda, our Splitscreen Campervan out and about to various wedding shows. Last Sunday, we visited The Grand St Leger, Doncaster to meet brides and grooms to be. It was a very chilly and rainy day but the van still managed to attract the attention of passing cars and we were able to get some enquiries from the day.

Our next stop is Thrybergh Golf Club, Rotherham on 24th March (weather permitting!) and then onto The Glass House at Kirk Sandall, Doncaster on 7th April. Hopefully, the weather will have improved by then and those looking for a wedding car with a difference will be able to see the true beauty of the campervan!

We look forward to meeting you!